All Midwest Speech Therapy (MWST) staff are required to be vaccinated, or complete weekly testing in specific situations where medical or religious exemptions are approved. MWST staff will be wearing masks while in the office and interacting with each other and families. Fully vaccinated staff may go maskless during sessions, with client/parent approval.

Parents will be required to verbally attest that within the last 14 days the child, nor immediately family has:

  • had any COVID symptoms
  • had a positive COVID test
  • had contact with anyone with symptoms or who has tested positive for COVID
  • is awaiting for results of a COIVD test

Sessions will be scheduled in a way that allows for each therapist to have 15 minutes between most appointments for cleaning of the therapy rooms/materials.  

Session start times will be staggered to limit crowding of the waiting room during transition times before and after therapy.  

Children and therapists will be required to wash hands with soap and water before and after each session.

Therapy materials are thoroughly cleaned/sanitized regularly.

Therapists and staff will maintain social distancing and limit close contact with other staff members when they are not seeing clients.

All clients, family members and guests who are physically able are required to wear a mask while in the building and office.